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international performing art festival (biella | sept)

Sensazioni Differenti has been for many years a remarkable occasion to meet many different Italian and foreign artists and to discover their diverse fields of experience and research. It is our pleasure to present in Biella the performances hosted in the programme of the Festival: a gratification that meets the enthusiastic participation of the audience and of the theatre companies involved.

Organizing a festival is like engaging in a challenging journey on an often-difficult path through unknown cities. Each company brings its own “secret world” and discloses it to the audience, turning the spectator into a traveller, into an explorer of different sensibilities, of new experiences and visions.

Each year the epiphany is renewed, allowing us to feel those “different sensations” that are the Festival’s name and aim and that we want to share, as if it were a party where everyone is invited to participate as special guest.

programme (it): 2016


performing art festival (turin | nov )

programme (it): 2016